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Digital Marketing Strategist Graphic Print Media Shamira Green

High Resolution Premium Graphics


Curated Viewership Creative


Discover fully executed, digital, print-ready graphics.

Diverse and available content creator in Union County, NJ, servicing the tri-state area and still growing!

Scroll-Stopping Visual Content


Promotional & Seasonal Display


Facebook / IG Ad Creative


Get the full demo content with just 1 call

Available for hire (B2B / B2C)
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Urgency Marketing Email Creative


User Journey Email Banners


Image Optimizatiton


Amazon A+ Content


Designed with full flexibility in mind

Hand-Captured photos optimized for quality presentation.

Practical web design and development

Trained in object oriented programming and Media and Film

Shopify Design & DevOps

Room & Home

Brand Focused Web Design

Legacy Automotive

Wordress Shopify WYSIWYG

Most Qualified Areas

c DevOps Strategy

Streamline project development lifecycle and improve collaboration.

d Product Design

Create digital aesthetics and functionality, to conceptual and premade items.

v Full Stack Dev

Combining design and development to create seamless user experiences.

c Ad Operations

Streamline campaigns, optimizing performance and maximizing ROI.

k Print Design

Bring ideas to life, crafting visually and physically compelling designs.

c A/V Composition

Motion graphics and sound production, crafting multimedia experiences.

h Technical Design

Bridge creativity and functionality, developing blueprints and specifications

s Brand Design

Utilizing strategic color palettes to evoke emotions to communicate the brand

Think outside the box and discover worlds uncharted

Alongside my main pursuits, I I actively explore these  industries, seeking fresh experiences and opportunities to broaden my skill set.

Character Design


Cover / Poster Design


3D Model Rendering


Vinyl Wrap Art


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